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Default Re: 2013 starting line-up

Originally Posted by uclkyle View Post
This is my best guess at the 2013 opening day starting line-up (not counting injuries)...

QB - Big Ben
RB - Mendenhall (yes, I think he actually comes back for cheap and is motivated)
FB - David Johnson
WR - A. Brown
WR - E. Sanders
TE- Heath
G- DeCastro
G- Colon
T- M. Adams
T- Gilbert

NT- McClendon (I think they move on from Hampton)
DE- Hood
DE- Keisel (maybe Heyward, but doubtful)
OLB- Worilds (Harrison is gone)
OLB- Woodley
ILB- S. Spence (Foote gone)
ILB- Timmons
CB- Lewis
CB- Taylor (I WISH they move on from this bum, but they won't)
S- Clark
S- Troy (one or two more years)
I honestly believe the Steelers should sign Wallace to a one year deal to see how he adjusts to the playbook after one more year to learn it and to see if he can become an all around wide-receiver instead of just being a deep threat.

This is my Line-Up
QB - Big Ben
RB - Mendenhall
FB - David Johnson
WR - Wallace
WR - Brown
TE- Heath (If he's back from his injury on time)
G- DeCastro
G- 2nd Round Draft Pick or Foster (We should cut Colon, he never stays healthy & draft a 2nd round guard to learn from the experienced linemen and have him start if there's any injuries.)
T- Starks (he'll be back at least one more year)
T- Adams or Gilbert (They'll see who does better in preseason.)

NT- McClendon or Hood (I think they move on from Hampton)
DE- Hood or Heyward
DE- Keisel
OLB- Harrison (They'll give him a chance to get healthy over the offseason)
OLB- Woodley
ILB- Foote (If he doesn't retire)
ILB- Timmons
CB- Lewis
CB- Taylor (Our best Corner will be back)
S- Clark
S- Polamalu

The fact this idiot "uclkyle" called Taylor a bum is crazy, he's our best corner and you see exactly what happened to our secondary without him.
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