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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
-Doubt Cowher wants to come back. He's had a lot of offers and seems to have declined them all. Plus, he sort of left on a bad note with the Rooneys.

-Whiz, not impressed. Good OC, not great HC.

-Lebeau has been a head coach before, and sucked at it. Plus, he's too old to take on any kind of permanent position like that. If he's DC next year, I guarantee it'll be his last.

The other 3 (aside from Butler) I don't know much about. Butler would probably be my pick out of any of the ones you mentioned.

I myself would stick with Tomlin though. And I agree that maybe he needs to step it up. I trust the Rooney's decision in this regard though.
I hope you read this atricle on today. Ben takes the blame as a LEADER which I feel is very honorable. What I do not feel is honorable is that Tomlin is quaoted in the article as pointing out Ben's key mistakes during games this year. Wow ...... Way to stand behind your players Mike. Coaching was terrble this year. Run, run, pass does not cut in this league. You mold your offense into a unit that blends with your QB. Todd or Mike out out in 2013 fine with me....details on article see below...
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