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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

Originally Posted by BlacksburgSteeler13 View Post
So, Tomlin has "failed miserably" during his tenure as a head coach? So two Super Bowl appearances, one win, four playoff berths, three division titles, and three 12-4 seasons in six years is failing miserably? No wonder Ryan Clark thinks Steelers fans are a spoiled bunch. Many fan bases would kill for that kind of resume.
The head coach also I may add maintains the heart beat of a team throughout it's season. He also works to increase or decrease the flow as he feels warranted. I personally feel Mike Tomlin needs to shoulder some of these issues as the leader of the coaching staff. On today Mr. Tomlin did none of these on spoke to Ben's quaotes as "Blame Me" ... Mike stated several situations where Ben's play has been suspect of the course of the year. To me this does not sound like a leader nor does it sound like a leader of the Steelers. Honorable Ben's shouldering of the situation this is a sign of a leader. Super bowl wins or losses he kepts his team first and team mates as well. Remember Ben getting hammered behind his OL and never spoke ill of them when asked by media. I hate the fact the media is looking for someone to blame and Ben is taking it. Mike should step up....oh and by the way he walked into a very good team super bowl team. As far as his destiny in the Hall well after this season his metal will be tested. I hope he takes the steps needed, articles like today were not a good path.
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