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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

Originally Posted by therocksteeler View Post
I hope you read this atricle on today. Ben takes the blame as a LEADER which I feel is very honorable. What I do not feel is honorable is that Tomlin is quaoted in the article as pointing out Ben's key mistakes during games this year. Wow ...... Way to stand behind your players Mike. Coaching was terrble this year. Run, run, pass does not cut in this league. You mold your offense into a unit that blends with your QB. Todd or Mike out out in 2013 fine with me....details on article see below...
Thanks for posting the link to the article. I am a defender of Ben, feel like I have to at times because of the unsupported hate and prejudice against him. But I thought the article was fair and even Tomlins comments not really that inflammatory. Ben's numbers were pretty good, and while he was clutch early and the defense was not so clutch, he failed late in the season when it became more Crunch time. While others seem to revel in his misfortunes,(which is crazy since his success tends to lead to Steeler success) I realize that you cannot just turn it on and off in the NFL. That even if your QB is playing almost perfect he can look like a goat if teammates miss assignments. That even the best make miscues, that injuries sometimes affect players for more than just the time they miss. I hope we come back strong next year and my special wish is for Ben to have a great season that ends in a SB win, one reason because I want to see #7 Lombardi before I die, and second it is so much quieter on this forum when no one can bitch about Ben and/or Tomlin.
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