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Default Re: A Bit Confused Over The Hate

Originally Posted by Justp94 View Post
I had hope for the Steelers to make the playoffs and turn things around, I never lost hope. When a teams fans turn on their team and start hating on their own team is what I call a disgrace and what I called FAKE FANS. These fans don't deserve to be called Steelers Fans.
Please, spare us the "fake fans" horse crap. Steelers are what they are, has nothing to do with what message board fan says on some forum. Steelers didnt start losing leads and blowing double digit leads to teams like the (bleep) Raiders just this year. It has been a tread with this coach. He almost lost us the Jets game in the AFCG, SB 43 with his lack of a 60 min game plan. Tomlin is an ok coach, he isnt anything special. He is good at using big words in post game interviews that no one on the planet but Steven Hawing understands. That is about as unique as he gets.

As far as Big Ben, he is been as unclutch for the last 3 years as you can be. I see no adjustments in his game and even if he does make them, which it looked like he did the first half of the year, he went back to the same crap eventually and got himself injured and shit on the rest of the season. These are facts, not whether someone is a fake fan or real fan or a hermaphrodite fan.

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