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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Actually, no they didn't. It was more of the run, run, pass shit. Sorry, 2x super bowl winning QB > OC that never won anything. I know it's hard for a yinzer to get it, but he's the franchise. Art Rooney II is the one who needs to get with the program and understand his philosophies are outdated.
Because passing and "no-huddle" certainly was working. 'Run-Run-Pass' didn't cause a Pick 6, missing an open Mike Wallace, or cause yet another boneheaded play in the redzone. Nope, it was our "2x Super Bowl Winning QB" who did all of that, once again ill-prepared for a big game. This time there's no Bruce Arians to harp all the blame on (Though he still sucked).

Actually, as we found out when Ben got injury, Ben made Haley look good. Do you just hate star QBs or are you really this dumb? If that's what you want then go watch Steelers football from the 90's if you enjoy not winning.
Doing it Haley's way, Ben was on pace for a CAREER SEASON, drastically eclipsing everything he did under Arians. Who made who look good again?

What I fault Haley and the team for is foolishly handing the car keys back to Ben. When we ran the offense Haley's way, we had plenty of success, but when we wanted to do Ben's way, the offense sucked.

Actually, no they didn't, at least not most of the time. Most of the time Ben did exactly what they wanted him to - hand off or throw bubble screen, then bail everyone out on third down (I know your not very smart, so I'll remind you that Ben was pretty damn good on third down before he went down). It was only during the last two minutes of the game they finally realized they needed Ben. When you play close to the vest like the Steelers do, the star QB won't bail them out every time.
How come Ben was having the season of his life, if the Steelers were "corralling" him in their "outdated" system? I'm still waiting for your retort to that. He wasn't putting up Average Joe Game Manager stats, he was in MVP discussion. That doesn't happen in an "outdated" dinosaur system that hates Ben and wants to turn him into Trent Dilfer.

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