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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
I think that it's time to acknowledge that the team is going through a major transition. Wholesale personnel changes are occurring. There are major voids opening up all over the place. There will be growing pains as new players get acclimated. It is likely that the team will no longer be as competitive in the division. The Bengals and Browns have amassed respectable young talent and are on the rise. The Steelers are a bit behind the times. They waited too long to address o- line issues. And they have settled for an underachieving offense for years. Efficiency and execution are not hallmark traits of Tomlin's team. With Ben in charge, it is based on improvisation that is losing its effectiveness in critical situations. There are foundational and fundamental issues with the offense which require restructuring from the ground up. I don't think that this time around they will be contenders. This may turn out to be the transition we've feared.
I agreed with you up to the Browns being contenders.

I know you're trying to look at it objectively, but the reality of it is, the Steelers will be contenders again in the very near future.

Ben and the WR's will acclimate to the new offense. New guys are coming up on defense. Same old, same old in the Steelers tradition. I'm not worried. There have been worse years than this one, and there will be ones that may be worse than this. There were certainly those years under better coaches than Tomlin.

Many people seem to just be freaking out again (like they did in '09). I know you guys like to discuss the ins and outs of team chemistry, and what needs to be done and changed...and I don't want to deter that at all. There's just a ton of knee jerk reactions that I've been reading. It'll be fine. We're not going to stoop to the new Browns level anytime soon. I truly believe that.
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