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Default Re: Tomlin Getting Bad Rap

not that anyone should care, but I think the Tomlin and Cowher comparisons are getting really tired and trying.

Regardless of Tomlin or any head coach with the Steelers - I'd like to hear some fans stand up on here and declare that after we miss the playoffs they would like to see the head coach fired. That's what I'm gathering - that at the first sign of issues, let's just give up. I just want this stance to be crystal clear, otherwise, it just seems like a lot of "If he was still here, and I wish Tomlin did this instead . . ."

We are the most successful franchise in the SB era and with that comes the right to bitch, and especially when we've experienced what we call a sub-par performance and unmet expectations, however, no matter what on-field decisions we've seen, or interactions we like to dissect, we really have no clue what goes on behind close doors or at the BBQ at Coach T's house. How many guys like Cotchery and Plaxico have come, have gone, and say that there is no organization like the Steelers - a true family and that the grass isn't greener? That says a lot coming from six to seven figure egos. If we go a couple more seasons without a playoff win, then I'll start pointing to Tomlin, until then, I'll happily root for anyone that humiliates the Ravens this playoffs - even if it is Father Flannagan's Colts.

I like some are starting to see a trend with the personnel on offense and IMO, they have experienced a slow decline in production since the 2010 AFC champ game. Now is the time for this team to get back to basics and focusing on fundamentals and playing with passion, owning your role, and having faith in their teammates. It's also time for some vocal leaders to emerge on top of the few that lead by example. Possession should be the sole focus for the WRs IMO and I agree, we need a real BEAST at RB who can at least move forward if the line is mediocre-shit. The 2013 Steelers goal should be to go 6-0 in the division and play every AFC game after that like the AFC Champ game. Own the division and the rest will take care of itself. Get back to protecting Heinz field. There are some simple mindsets that they need to get back to, and if they do - we should be back to contending, I truly believe that.

Who else is close to getting #7? Cowboys and 49ers? HELL NO - they still don't have #6 yet and won't even after this season. This will be my last rant for 2012 so thank you to the mods and for everyone, including GoFor7 and Steelers Canada, for reading my emotional bitchfests after losses, and bitching at me, disagreeing, and generally making this a fun place to shoot the breeze about our favorite team.
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