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Default Re: Starkey: The joke’s on the Steelers

Ah. The Ben bashers can only point to a few instances where Ben threw INTs, but they won't look over the course of the entire season.

This season was the Steelers' version of Marty Ball. Play the game close, and hope Ben bails everyone out at the end. When he doesn't......... BOOOOOOOOO! BEN STINKS! BOOOOOOO! YINZ GOT AN EGO! BOOOOOOO! YINZ GOTTA YELL AT BEN LOUDER SO IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ARTIE SCREWED UP! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Wanna know why the dink-and-dunk stuff started to fail? Because teams caught on and the Steelers didn't adjust. They hardly took shots down field to give the other receivers space in the middle. They never let Ben win the game early, it always came down to the last 2 minutes.

But hey, I know you guys don't want to hear that because it would make the owner look bad. So lets just go back to the 90's! After all, the Steelers won all those super bowls with no QB back then!

Oh wait...
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