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Default Re: Starkey: The joke’s on the Steelers

the article makes a good point - and its hard to disagree with most of the "arians" stuff in there.

However - the problem i have with it is this : Where's the dozen or so paragraphs you would need to explain how atrocious, hideous, (and inured) our offensive line was?
About not protecting the QB (near the end of this season i got sick and tired of watching guys like Rivers, Romo, and Palmer have 15 minutes to sit back in the pocket and read a book, then decide to pass when they were ready - while OUR guy had to run for this life within 1.5 seconds...)
And about the other 90% of the stuff that was wrong that made this offense a "no-go"?
And all 3 sub-par performances by the RB's? Or the dozens of dropped balls, goof-ups, and laziness of our "young $$ crew" WR's? And other things that really made our offense go nowhere?

Article appears to be nothing more than someone taking a pot-shot at Ben, laying nearly the entire blame on him instead of spreading it out equally - which is what should be done right now. PLENNNNNNNTY of blame to go around all over the place - not just at Ben.

No one needs "to blow up at him". They need to protect him. They clearly didn't do it.
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