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Default Re: Starkey: The joke’s on the Steelers

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
the article makes a good point - and its hard to disagree with most of the "arians" stuff in there.

However - the problem i have with it is this : Where's the dozen or so paragraphs you would need to explain how atrocious, hideous, (and inured) our offensive line was?
About not protecting the QB (near the end of this season i got sick and tired of watching guys like Rivers, Romo, and Palmer have 15 minutes to sit back in the pocket and read a book, then decide to pass when they were ready - while OUR guy had to run for this life within 1.5 seconds...)
And about the other 90% of the stuff that was wrong that made this offense a "no-go"?
And all 3 sub-par performances by the RB's? Or the dozens of dropped balls, goof-ups, and laziness of our "young $$ crew" WR's? And other things that really made our offense go nowhere?
Arians had to deal with a lot of injuries, and an o-line that was just god awful to begin with - yet it was never an excuse for him. So why should it be an excuse for Haley following that logic?

Article appears to be nothing more than someone taking a pot-shot at Ben, laying nearly the entire blame on him instead of spreading it out equally - which is what should be done right now. PLENNNNNNNTY of blame to go around all over the place - not just at Ben.
Oh there might be some small shots at Ben, but this articles goes way beyond that, even if it doesn't mention anyone else by name. When Starkey mentions Arians in the sarcastic tone, you can also take that as a shot at Art Rooney II. Haley was his hire, and things got worse.

No one needs "to blow up at him". They need to protect him. They clearly didn't do it.
Sssshhhhhhh! Yinzers don't want to hear that!
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