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Default Re: Starkey: The joke’s on the Steelers

It's not Todd Haley-- it is the injuries.

If some of the comments on this thread weren't so sad, they would be laughable. Steelers fans used to hate the way Bruce Arians would line us up 5-wide with no RB on 3rd down and 1. Now, I just read a post by someone on this thread complaining that they ran teh ball on 3rd down and 1 and 4th down and 1. Maybe they should try to out-think themselves like they did under Arians and do the opposite of what the other team thinks we won't do?

Of course the run game won't work, when your Oline situation is so desperate that your Probowl Center is having to play guard, you have two rookies holding down the entire right side of the Oline, and you finish the season with 2 of the original 5 projected starters on your Oline.

Of course we are going to lse games when ALL of our starting CBs are out.

Of course Ben is not going to have his head in the game after just giving birth to his firstborn son a couple weeks prior.

A lot of things just didn't align themselves properly for the Steelers this season. It happens. Big deal.

No, we do NOT need to hire Bruce Arians back.
No, we do not need to get rid of Haley-- his offense was cooking with gas until the injuries bodyslammed the team at midsseason.
No, we do not need to fire Mike Tomlin.

The silliness needs to stop. The Steelers need to update their training regimen and get guys back healthy next year and they are back in contention.
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