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Default Re: Steelers’ Hampton, Starks not ready to hang it up

Nobody saw how well Hampton played towards the end of the year? By the first Baltimore game he was back to driving his guy into the backfield. When Hampton was back to 100% he played well. Watch the coach's film if you have NFL rewind, Hampton played well from the midpoint on and played even better towards the end. Who's going to replace him? McClendon? Maybe, but if they were confident in McClendon they wouldn't have went for Ta'Amu. If we draft another NT he won't start, which will leave us needing Hampton for another year. He didn't mind taking a pay cut this time around either. I'm not saying he's as good as he used to be or that he's a top NT, but he had some games where he played close to it. Let's not forget he tore his ACL in January.

As for Starks, it's as common sense of a move as it was last year, keep him. I don't care if we have excellent starting Tackle's, this offensive line can't jog to the sidelines without getting injured, so as long as Starks isn't asking for a lot, it's a no brainer.
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