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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
If it came between trusting Ben and Haley, I take the QB who won twice over the OC who never won anything. Does it sting when I remind you of that?
Since Haley and Ben occupy comlpetely different roles and positions within the organization, your comparisons are meaningless. Sorry if that stings a little bit.

Comparing Ben's wins (that nobody else had any hand in, right?) to Haley's lack of wins (that are all on Haley though, because it benefits your argument) has more to do with their overall situation than Haley's ability to call an effective gameplan.

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
And yes, Ben was on his way to an MVP season because of how great he played on third down. He had to bail out the team after failed bubble screens and RUTM.
Sorry, 7, but according to multiple sources-- those bubble screens we have hated since years ago-- are mostlly Ben's doing. He is the one who audibles us to that play.

Notice how between two different offensive coordinators, that dreaded bubble screen seems to have followed us?

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Maybe other teams finally caught on to the fact that the Steelers were playing their version of Marty ball, and Haley failed to adjust. Just continued to dink-and-dunk, RUTM, and bubble screens even when other teams had clearly caught on. Maybe next year they should try and let Ben win the game early. When you play Marty ball, the QB can't bail you out at the end every time.
Nope. You are wrong. Completely. I have to side with Edelman or whatever his name is.

While Haley was calling all the shots and had tighter control over this offense-- they were rolling. When they were playing his dink and dunk offense, Ben was on his way to a career season, was #1 in converting 3rd downs, and 2nd in ToP (an aging defense's best friend). Ben had hardly been touched through the first 5 games, and was on-pace for a career year.

When our offense started to go off the tracks into the weeds, was when the coaching staff starting listening to Mike Wallace's (and the stupid fans) cries for more deep passing plays, and that "we aren't using Wallace right".

It was around that time, that Ben started to default back to his "hold the ball for 9 seconds or more" self, looking for shots downfield that weren't there. The coaches started giving him more leeway to run the offense, and it turned out just like the past few years under Arians:

* lots of sacks, one resulting in his ribs getting broken
* inconsistency on 3rd down
* Olinemen going down with ankle injuries trying to hold their rushers for 7 seconds or more
* struggling in red zone
* sluggish offense
* inability to capitalize on turnovers

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Now Edman, I can tell you're pretty simple-minded, so take a deep breath before you read. No more knee-jerk reactions.
No need to resort to personal attacks just because he does not agree with you.
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