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Default Re: Starkey: The joke’s on the Steelers

We suck because our WR's are sub par and extremely overrated. Wallace can't catch and fumbles when he does, AB can catch but often fumbles, and Sanders can catch sometimes but fumbles too. Most of all nobody gets open, even after 2 or 3 years of playing with Ben, these guys can't figure out that they need to run different routes and break away when the play doesn't work. Ben was given a lot of time to throw in the majority of games this year, yet these guys weren't open. How often did Ben pump fake and pump fake, only to dump it off to a RB or short to Miller, or was forced to run out of the pocket? It happened a lot. If you have NFL Rewind watch the coach's film, our problem lays with our WR's, and play calling is next on the list.

We had much better play calling this year, but in the 2nd half of the season other teams had figured it out. Did Haley come up with new plans? No. He took the idea that the Steelers wanted to run the ball and win the TOP battle and multiplied it by 10. I can count on my hands how many times Wallace was sent deep and we ran it into the ground even after our O line was severely injured. The play calling has to get better, I don't care who's calling the plays, it just has to get better. Yet even with proper play calling, a dropped pass or a fumble will have the same results as if the play was a perfect call.

TOP, dinking and dunking, and big plays are all one in the same. I hate to say it but there is only one methodical and great offense right now and it's the Patriots. Do they throw it long often? No. Do they ONLY dink and dunk? No. Do they win the TOP battle? Yes. To say that dinking and dunking is outdated and a "yinzer" mentality is totally incorrect and I'm sure Brady and Bellicheck would agree with that. When you win the TOP and pick a team apart like the Pats do, it makes up for a poor run game and opens things up deeper as safeties are forced to come up and help in coverage and CB's are trying to jam WR's at the line. Brandon Lloyd has been making some big plays in a dink and dunk offense, as has Gronkowski. Why is our form of dinking and dunking not working? Because unlike NE we NEVER change it up and our WR's have tons of drops/fumbles.
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