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Default Re: Starkey: The joke’s on the Steelers

If we are not -14 on turn overs, this thread doesn't exist. I wasn't crazy about some of the calls, but not holding on to the ball cost us probably three days. It's execution this season including Ben and the relievers who had butter fingers.

One other thing. Ben and Haley go the plays together. No one held a gun to bens head and forced plays on anyone. I Ben knows better audible to a different play.

We didn't hang on to the ball this year. It's none of the coaches fault unless you want to make an argument on technique. When you are a pro, you should not have to be taught how to carry the ball.

Complaining about Marty ball. Paying scared. How many times did we see the deep ball get picked or hit the turf. IMO we played too much backyard ball. Stated to look like last year, like we didn't have a plan. When we started the stand, stare, scramble right scramble left, scramble right, step up and throw is when things went bad. I know that is how Ben plays but I prefer to see a little crisp play rather than running for your life until someone gets open. It's not all Ben either, the line sucks and the receivers were not running great routes this year. There was a lot of zone played against us ever since the KC game. The relievers didn't find the soft spots, Ben wasn't seeing the field well and Haley never adjusted.

Bringing back Ariens would not help a damn thing.
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