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Default Re: Starkey: The joke’s on the Steelers

Not happy with Haleys first year as OC, but I think the FO and coaches need to look to playing to the players strength this coming year. The heck with TOP or even protecting Ben by playing so conservative. I would rather have Ben two years at a high level than 5 years of mediocre. As for TOs, yea way too many (same thing in Arians offense except Bens INTs are down this year) OL needs to get better in run blocking, need WRs to play more physical and fight for the ball, and not fight for more yards when they fumble. I never thought Arians was as bad as most did, but I had no issue with replacing him as I thought the redzone scoring might improve with a new OC. Not giving up on Haley just think he needs to adjust a little more to the team than what he thinks the owner wants, or at least have the gonads to speak up.
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