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Default Re: Starkey: The joke’s on the Steelers

The offense was moving along, not at a fast pace but at a "learning the offense pace", until Ben got hurt. He cam back and has looked WFUL. I don't blame the OC for that. Some of what the guy says is true of course but the play calling has nothing to do with some of the facts that I agree with in the article. Ben has lost his clutch game. I couldn't agree more. Don't know why but he has. I have backed Ben to the hilt on here but man he sucks in the clutch now OR to say it another way he is no longer the White Mamba. He has no killer instincts anymore. When we need to win, maybe not just have him be clutch but just not lose the game, he seems to fail now. Whether it's the picks or taking sacks that take us out of FG range, he needs to find that killer instincts again or we are sunk next year too.
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