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Default Re: An Argument for Tebow to join our beloved Steelers

Originally Posted by Ethan_67 View Post
It is my belief that the steelers could use a QB like Tebow and when I put aside what I don't like about him and his following, I see a hard charging player that will work hard and not give up.
While some of those thigns you mention are definitely desirable traits, his 43% completion percentage during his thundering 7-4 win streak, is NOT.

Originally Posted by Ethan_67 View Post
He knows he is not the best, hell, everyone knows he is not the best but what he lacks in refinement can be taught and honed over time.
Some things you cannot teach. Tebow lacks the talent needed to be an NFL QB. he cannot read a defense and his throws are terribly inaccurate.

He worked with a pitching and throwing coach this summer, and the results? His first pass this season was high and hung his TE out to dry and landed him on IR. The next attempt he missed an uncovered guy standing int eh endzone waving his hands at him.

Originally Posted by Ethan_67 View Post
I am a huge Big Ben fan and his style of play at the QB position. Anytime you have a QB that has speed, agility and a decent arm with our offensive line it will always be a difficult day for the other team.
That's the thing-- Tebow doesn't have a "descent arm". He has a terrible arm. he threw his 3 most beautiful passes against us in the playoffs last year.
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