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Default Re: An Argument for Tebow to join our beloved Steelers

Originally Posted by jb500ex View Post
He's such a good game manager that he won completing 2 passes in a game. The dude sucks its a joke that anyone would even consider. No team other then jax will go near him for a reason. He had the luckiest run ever where he did nothing, that run is over
For fucking real. I am so sick of hearing about Tim Tebow.

The reason why he did not push for more playing time with the Jets is obvious-- he knows that his legend would be over in a matter of weeks if he got the start at QB there.

In Denver, he took over a team that just lacked focus, but otherwise had all the pieces in place. They already had a great pass rush in Dumervil and Von Miller. They had a descent Oline and running game, and a good defense that was being wasted with Orton's even more lackluster play.

During Tebow's miraculous 7-4 win streak, he beat:

* 6-10 Dolphins

* 8-8 Raiders

* 7-9 Chiefs

* 8-8 Jets

* 8-8 Chargers

* 3-13 Vikings

* 8-8 Bears

...and most of those by about 3-7 points and a 43% completion percentage. besides us, the only other two valid contenders he went up against last year used Tebow for toilet paper. The Lions crushed the Broncos 45-10 and the Patriots in similar fashion.

Now, fast forward to the dumpster fire that is the Jets-Jets-Jets. They have no Oline. No receivers (can you name even a single Jet's receiver not named "Holmes"?). No runningbacks. And a tired defense.

If Tebow took over that mess, his "miracle" would come back to earth really quick, because there is nobody else on that team to cover for his poor play, which would leave him exposed as the fraud that he is.

Folks have him pegged as this selfless, altruistic, pillar of virtues. I see him as an opportunist that likes to toot his own horn far too much. Anyone can seem like a "nice guy" when they are succeeding.

Adversity is the real test of character. Tebow wants none of that in Jets land....
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