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Default Re: Why Should Lebeau Go??

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Playing receivers 8 yards off the ball and this "let them have the dump offs, just not the big play" has been figured out by every team in the league. It's time for a change in defensive philosophy, and that doesn't mean Butler should take over. We don't need LeBeau v2.0. I want someone that would play an aggressive, attacking defense and not a conservative one.

It's time for fresh blood.
I partialy agree with you-- except for the fact that Lebeau has shown that he CAN come up with a 21st century scheme that can stop the best of them-- the 2010 Pats game (among a few others) proved that.

When we find smething that does work-- I would love for somebody to explain to me why we abandon it.
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