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Default Re: Why Should Lebeau Go??

Originally Posted by VictoryFormation View Post
After 15 weeks, the Steeler‘s defense, under coach Dick lebeau, is ranked number 1 in total defense, in the league. This is a defense that is playing along side an offense that is ranked 21st in the league, averaging just 20.8 points per game. With that in mind, there are those in the media, along with fans that are calling for Dick Lebeau to step down. Lebeau said that he doesn’t want to step down yet, but that the decision is, ultimately, up to Mike Tomlin.
Dick Lebeau first became a defensive coordinator in the NFL, back in the 1980’s, with the Bengals. He invented the Zone Blitz, which was made famous by the Pittsburgh-Blitzburgh defense, taking the Steelers to Super Bowl XXX. Lebeau’s second stint as defense coordinator for the Steelers began in 2004, when he took over a struggling defense from Tim Lewis.
With Dick Lebeau as defensive coordinator, the Steelers have won 8 Division Championships, 4 AFC Championships, and 2 Super Bowls.

Please tell me? Why do we need to get rid of Dick Lebeau? Who would take over? Could his replacement be any better?
LeBeau doesn't need to go. Once Ryan Mundy was replaced by Will Allen the D started to make it's turn around. LeBeau still came up with a game plan that covered up the lack of pass rush our two under performing OLB generated. The only thing I would like to see more emphasized is going for the ball, whether that is stripping the runner or going for the INT. Right now the philosophy is no big plays, make the tackle to make them drive the length of the field.
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