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Default Re: Why Should Lebeau Go??

Originally Posted by steelersforever58 View Post
While I don't think Lebeau should go, I would like him to change his philosophy. If he is not able to do that we are in for trouble. I just don't get the big cushions on wide receivers even in 3rd and relatively short yardage. And when is the last time he brought more than 5 on a pass rush. I keep hearing announcers talk about the Steelers vaunted blitz packages, but I don't know how they define blitz because to me that means bringing more than the other team can block. Lebeau virtually never does that.
There could possibly be big changes coming if he stays. If Harrison doesn't return, it isn't too far fetched that we could transition to a 4-3 base defense. After the Pats did it, the East pretty much converted, and it became the new trend. We already have the talent to do it, and it might actually benefit a lot of our younger players, which benefits the team as a whole.
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