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Default Re: 2013 starting line-up

Originally Posted by LayingTheWoodley56 View Post
You're a fucking idiot. I'm so sick of this shit from uneducated fans on this board.

Ike has made a ton of big plays for this defense over the past near-decade (strip sack of Sanchez in the 2010 AFC title game, interception in Super Bowl XL, another pick in the 2008 AFC championship game) and he's been our best corner for most of that time, on some very good defenses. Super Bowl winning defenses, and there have been a lot of games where he has locked down an opponent's number one receiver.

Who do you suggest we get to replace him, by the way? And for all the people here who complain that we show a lack of emotion, Ike is always fired up, getting in people's faces and talking trash. In the game of football, playing with that mean streak is very valuable and no one ever commends him for it.

He will be back next year, or else our secondary could be in trouble with Curtis Brown as our nickel back.

In closing, please, for the sake of all of our brains, never post here again.
Soooo, let me get this straight, you like Ike Taylor because he talks a lot of trash and shows emotion. Why not bring back Greg Lloyd or Joey Porter. They show emotion. Any you can point to a strip sack or a nice pass break up here or there, doesn't mean the dude can play. I can point to countless dropped INTs and mention the fact that he cost us a playoff game and at least two games this year. The guy is awful. End of fucking idiot.
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