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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
I'll regain confidence in Ben when he shows a real dedication to Haley and the offense in the offseason. Not some stupid "I'm on board" fluff, he needs to show a real determination and dedication to it.

Haley set him on the right path, and Ben proceeded to spit in the face of the system that made him healthy and even better. That is the definition of a real undisciplined prima-donna. Screw what's best for the team, I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do. I'm the 2x Super Bowl QB! There's nothing Haley can't tell me! Unfortunately we have users on here who want Haley gone. No, the fingers that need to be pointed at is a certain guy wearing #7.

Oh, and it would help if Mike Wallace is cut loose in the offseason. He needs to go.
Wear and tear will only make it worse. Big Ben isnt getting better, he will get worse, as he did this year. He has not made a full years effort to protect himself and still play at a high level.

Wallace will be gone, so it doesnt matter with that clown any more. Mendy the same. But if your star QB is going to play and talk like a douche half the season, what is the point anyway. The issue is, no replacement for 2 time super bowl QBs who can play well. So, I really do not know what the future hold completely.
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