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Originally Posted by uclkyle View Post
Soooo, let me get this straight, you like Ike Taylor because he talks a lot of trash and shows emotion. Why not bring back Greg Lloyd or Joey Porter. They show emotion. Any you can point to a strip sack or a nice pass break up here or there, doesn't mean the dude can play. I can point to countless dropped INTs and mention the fact that he cost us a playoff game and at least two games this year. The guy is awful. End of fucking idiot.
I think most Steelers fans would love to have porter or Lloyd on this team. You are fighting a losing battle on this one since you clearly are in the minority with your thoughts on Ike. He has been the best corner on defenses that have led the league in pass defense multiple times.

And just because other people don't agree with your opinions doesn't mean you have to cry about it and lash out. Discuss stuff with some integrity. Now go ahead and call me trailer trash and a fucking idiot too.
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