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Default Re: No Heath or Ike this week we may be screwed.

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
I understand not wanting us to lose. I can't really say I "want" us to lose, but at this point the only good thing that can come from this season is a relatively high draft pick, I don't really want to throw that chance away, especially since we're in that pool of 7-8, 8-7 teams where a win will put you in the 20's and loss could put you as high as 12-14.

And part of me will be pissed if this team shits the bed for 3 straight weeks and then shows up to play when it doesn't matter anymore. You couldn't win a single fucking game when it counted, don't come out and show some bullshit "heart" in the last game and act like you stuck through it to the end and put a positive spin on things. And I have a bad feeling that is exactly what is going to happen.
This. If they want to play for pride let the damn back ups play. After this season i think they are the only ones that have any.
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