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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

A long Blog by an unknown and who has been writing blogs for less than a year. I can appreciate his view but I value it no more than any of the countless others out there. For every post of Ben accepting Haleys concepts completely I can find one that counters with why should Ben change all together and why should Haley not adapt to Ben more. Like I have said I am not completely down on Haleys version, but I saw trying to run his offense and it did not yield great results. Less scoring, no run game, Ben put in obvious pass situations where he becomes more likely to be sacked. This thought that Ben tanked the season as a F U to Haley is crazy. He knows that Arians is gone for good, I thinks he knows that based on the history of the FO that Haley is here for more than one year. But for Ben to just except what Haley puts out there as the end all of how this offense should be run is crazy also. Haley is going to have to adapt and get better him self.
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