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Default Re: Decline of Steelers’ LaMarr Woodley puzzling

Has Kanobly ever looked at Woodley's career stats? In case you haven't , you can check them out on

Just a snap shot as to what you will find, Woodley, that fearsom pass rusher, logs less than 3/4 of sack per game. Dominant runs stuffer??? He averages less than three tackles a game, and most of those are combo tackles, and bearing in mind that most teams run the football to that side, and as a linebacker in Dick LeBeau's defense, he is shielded from blockers, this is a pitiful level of production. By comparisson, Harrison doubles his production from the weak side with teams running away from him most of the time.

Considering Woodley is on the field for more than 30 plays a game, to be in the action on 3 plays a game, should make one wonder exactly what in the heck is he doing the other 27 plays agame? Well, having watched him specifically for every snap over the last two years, I can honestly attest that Big Lamar is content playing pattycake with whomever is in front of him, Tackle, TE, Runing back, or WR for about 20 snaps a game. The other 7 or so plays he drops in to a shallow zone 5 to 7 yards of the line of scrimage and covers nobody.

IMO, while I have to say Woodley has made a several clutch plays for us over the years, the vast body of his work is sloth, slather and flat out lazyness. I guess that's what $60 million get you these days.....
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