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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by Barry H View Post
Gosh what a miserable season.
We may have won one against Baltimore, but truth be told, the Ravens have been a classier, more successful organization than us over the last decade. They kind of own us. And I don't expect that to change next year, when Joe Flacco is one year wiser.
Year in and year out, there at the top or giving us trouble.
We have a good year every now and then but look at us now.
You must be on Crack. Flacco sucks and the Ravens are major pretenders this year. We weren't very good this year, but the Ravens are really not very good. They are going nowhere and will be on more of a decline than us the next few years. As far as owning us lately. Well, we've been to 3 Super Bowls in the last 7 seasons. Twice while beating them in the playoffs, while they have done jack shit. I laugh at your idea that they own us. That's just funny. If one didn't know better, they might think you actually liked our little bitch's over there in Baltimore.
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