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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
Results this year and results last year were almost identical in terms of ranking and season for the offense. The common denominator is Big Ben. Ben can blame someone all he wants, he has been terrible when it mattered the last two years.
Bens numbers last year 15 games 324 of 513 63.2% 4077yds 21TD 14 INT 63.62QBR
this year 12 games 269 of 426 63.1% 3131yds 23TD 8INT 61.28 QBR

Rushing last year 434 1903yards 13TD 4.4YPC Mendy 4.1 Redman 4.4 Dwyer 7.7
15 games this year 384 1446yds 8TD 3.8YPC Mendy 3.6 Redman 3.7 Dwyer 3.9

Offense last year 20.3 PPG 21st of 32 teams 12th in total yds 9th in first downs
this year 20.8 PPG 22nd of 32 teams 21st in totla yds 17th in first downs.

It does not take a genius to see that Bens numbers are very similar to last and to see the run game has been anemic. I am not blaming this all on Haley but some of you that are throwing our QB under the bus need to sling a little Haleys way. I do not believe Ben has been allowed to audible out of every play this year. While Arians was more of a pass first OC it is obvious that the run game suffered from the way it was used this year and in turned used even less. Arians was more of a pass on first down kind of guy and it should of opened up the run,(which when he did he was an effective OC) Haley on the other hand seems to be run first, in the hope that it would open up the pass and it would have if it had been somewhat effective. His running was ineffective thus making the 2nd and 3rd down plays that much harder for the offense especially the passing game, but Bens numbers are close to normal so where was the failure? Seems that Ben is taking too much of the blame and the coach and the RBs and the Line need to be held accountable for at least a full share of blame.

BTW Ben a career 63.1 completion passer his QBR the last 4 seasons are 67/64/63/61 or the old way of 100.5/97/90/ and this year 95.5

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