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Default Re: Who wants to lose????

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
It absolutely amazes me that as many "Old-timers" are on this forum, as many fans who proclaim themselves as Steeler fans of the tough defense and pound an opponent down, the fans who question the effort and heart of this team would now when it would appear to be an advantage, want your team to "tank" a game. Not just any game but a game at home against the Freaking Browns, a game that cements a losing season at 7-9. For what? To draft higher and pay a higher initial rookie salary, a pick that can pan out just as well as say, Mendenhall or Sweed.

Screw losing, you lose one with such disdain for the game and it becomes much easier to do when its for real. I know this season did not go well. We did have injuries and while other teams have them, I have paid immense attention to other teams blight and ours was as bad as any this year. We went through coaching change and while most fans were happy, do not forget for one minute that Tomlin was not on board, neither was Ben, and if truth be know there was more than a few that were not happy on the team. It was touch and go as to whether this season was going to be a smooth transition. So now when all appears lost some would be happy with a loss to a hated opponent, for a chance to pick higher and put all you hopes in a player that is picked 5-9 spots higher. I hope our FO is able to actually do their homework and use the available picks to improve this team and not rely on having to lose to "improve". Unfreaking believable.
I don't agree that it's "unfreaking believable or freaking unbelievable"
I think you too easily dismiss the importance and benefit of drafting 5-9 spots higher each round.
Sure you have to do your homework, no matter where you draft.
Drafting higher doesn't guarantee success.
But I want a bigger and supposedly better pool of athletes available at each pick.
I'll take that built-in advantage any time.
As for acquiring a losing habit against a division rival, I think that's overblown.
It's the last game of the season, has no playoff implications and both teams are battered.
With today's players, it'll be soon forgotten.
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