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I disagree strongly.

Our defense has a LOT of needs this offseason. A LOT. We cannot afford to have to spend another high draft pick to get a legit #1 RB when we already have one on our roster.

Tomlin and Mendenhall need to kiss and make up-- is stupid to cost the team simply due to a petty personality conflict.

Sucks that Mendy started the season off injured, but to say he has "no heart" is kinda callous. His injury is normally an 18-month recovery and rehab-- he rushed it and was back on the field for the team at 12 months. And it was too soon-- he got re-injured.

Then, after not playing for almost a whole calendar year and starting off cold, Tomlin singles him out and benches him for fumbling, even though all four RBs put the rock on the ground that day. Stupid, since even despite the fumbles, in both games he played in this year-- he looked by far the best of our RBs.

Then, after being rendered inactive for several games (a dumb move by Tomlin), Mendy does his own stupid by not showing up to the Chargers game.

Seriously, I still like what I see when Mendy has the ball. He has the homerun capability and outside running speed to create big plays that Redman and Dwyer are too slow and plodding to make.

For us to waste a 1st or 2nd round pick on another RB is senseless. Tomlin and Mendy both need to be professionals and move forward. Don't be so fast to push the "eject" button....we already have a legit #1 RB.
I agree we should not take a rb in the 1st. I would like to see the d line addressed there. I just don't think mendy ie the answer and would hate to pay him good money to keep him around. I think we can get a back in the middle rounds that will make a difference. We're going to need a back anyways since Dwyer, Redman, and mendy are all free agents and it would be foolish to keep all of them considering the way our running game performed this year.

Yes the D is old but we do have young talent at every position already. To be honest the defense did what it needed to win games this year. The offense is what killed us.
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