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Default Re: No Heath or Ike this week we may be screwed.

People can talk all of the crap that they want about "tanking" the season for higher draft picks, but the bottom line is it will not happen. I don't believe there's a player or coach in the Steelers locker room saying to themselves "we're going to go out there and let the Brownstains win so we can draft someone who could potentially take my roster spot". I know it's been a pretty crappy season for the Steelers, but I believe the players on this team have a lot of pride and they are competitors, and I don't believe that they will purposely go out and lay down and die for anyone. That's not the Steelers that I've known and loved for the the past 30+ years. If we lose, we lose, so be it. But if we win, I don't see how that's a bad thing. We've managed to build a pretty consistently good football team throughout the years while drafting in the bottom half of the draft all of these years. Go Steelers!
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