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Default Re: How to Reload - Not Rebuild - This Team

1st off, thanks for the thread SteelersCan, and Hawaii, ....

But this talk of Ben have a few years left, inevitably Batch and Leftwich are bound to go real soon. Batch, as OLD as he is, played much BETTER than Ben did, all this past season.
What we don't know is how hurt is Ben?, and how hurt (or afraid to get hurt) he even wants to become anymore ?. Ben's a tough-scrambler, but that is slowly becoming water under a bridge.

We NEED to start thinking of a new full-time Starter in the QB position, YES, aka an "Alex Smith",..., type for example.
And Yes, Drop Batch, Leftwich,..., and bring a new fresh QB that BEN will "mentor" for us.

That's right, you want a "balanced" Running/Passing game ?, then the QB who only likes to "PASS" and save us in the last throws of a game has unfortunately gotta go finally, already.
Ben is NOT Elway, AND Ben is NOT Peyton,..., nor is he a dare I say, complete Leader, like Bradshaw.
Ben is also NOT a "...let the Running game heroes develop half of our games ! "
I want to win at all costs, but NOT at the cost of gambling for the "ComeBack Kid" (Ben's glory-seeking days') of a long forgotten Hollywood dream, of "Passing" himself into glory, when lets face, in this Steelers team, the cards just aren't there anymore, if they ever really were !
It's time to look for our new young-balanced QB as a buildable starter, finally.

Some will obviouslt view this as an anti-Ben post, but it isn't. I want this Offense to somewhat win consistemtly, u know, put up POINTS!, ..., for starters'.
If Tomlin <-> Haley <-> Ben do NOT "jell" together on this, then we are snafu'd.

Obviously we have the Running aND RECEIVING CORE TO DO IT !, SO, WHAT IS IT then???!!!
(dam, I hit the caps-lock again, but u know what I mean).

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