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Default Re: How to Reload - Not Rebuild - This Team

Originally Posted by Kanata-Steeler View Post
That's right, you want a "balanced" Running/Passing game ?, then the QB who only likes to "PASS" and save us in the last throws of a game has unfortunately gotta go finally, already.
Ben is NOT Elway, AND Ben is NOT Peyton,..., nor is he a true Leader like Bradshaw.
Ben is also NOT a "...let the Running game heroes develop half of our games ! "
I want to win at all costs, but NOT at the cost of gambling for the "ComeBack Kid" (Ben's glory-seeking days') of a long forgotten Hollywood dream, of "Passing" himself into glory, when lets face, in this Steelers team, the cards just aren't there anymore, if they ever really were !
It's time to look for our new young-balanced QB as a buildable starter, finally.

Some will obviouslt view this as an anti-Ben post, but it isn't. I want this Offense to somewhat win consistemtly, u know, put up POINTS!, ..., for starters'.
If Tomlin <-> Haley <-> Ben do NOT "jell" together on this, then we are snafu'd.

Obviously we have the Running aND RECEIVING CORE TO DO IT !, SO, WHAT IS IT then???!!!
(dam, I hit the caps-lock again, but u know what I mean).
The same RB and WR "core" that coughed up fumbles and killed drives with dropped passes all season?

The only reason this team isn't staring at a 3-13 record right now is due to Roethlisberger's play in the first half of the season. Period.
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