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Default Re: Analyzing the Steelers by position for 2013

QB - Pretty much agree with the OP here. Ben is fine as the starter but with the way he plays we definitely need a capable backup. I say Batch should retire and Leftwich can go. Bring in a FA vet that you are comfortable with and maybe look late in the draft for a QB to maybe mold into something. Or if someone you really like falls to you in a good spot scoop him up even if it is early.

RB - We do need to revamp this a little. I say get rid of Mendenhall and Baron Batch. I would like to see what Batch can do but his injury history is nuts. Make Redman the starter and keep Dwyer as his backup. Make sure Dwyer knows that getting in shape is a key to him staying. He is definitely a capable back but he is a bit soft. He is very young though and has time to improve while Redman takes the main role. Rainey doesn't really belong on the running back depth chart. He is just too small. I guess it technically doesn't matter where they list him but we should keep him as a KR. I would probably try him out a WR and see how he does. So that said, we can look to FA or late in the draft to add more depth at RB.

WR - A position I think we are just fine at. All 3 young guys are capable and have given us good results. They had a bit of a down year but I haven't lost 1 bit of confidence in them. I really like Cotchery and Burress as 4 and 5 guys as well. The only thing I would like to see here is Burress having a role in 2013.

TE - Fine with this spot. Just hope Heath gets back and is still the same player.

OL - The issues here come down to injury more than talent. I think if our line can be consistently healthy we are fine here. We have some young guys with a lot of potential and some older guys who have done it for us consistently enough. I think we can pretty much stay as is here.

DL - We are kind of old here. While I never like seeing veterans go it may be time to start talking about Hampton and Kiesel. The front 7 on our team is something I never think much about because we almost always have very capable guys there. So I guess drop the old and start the new and maybe draft 1 or 2 guys for these spots. I trust the Steelers to pick the right guys.

LB - This is kind of the same as DL. Timmons is on the upswing and will likely be our best LB for a few years. Maybe even someone who just snaps and pushes for DPotY in the next few seasons. Woodley is certainly capable but isn't playing at a level I expect. I would like to see him pushed harder to live up to where he should be. Foote played well this year so I can see keeping him for 1 or 2 more while watching his progress. Harrison is probably closest to being out of the door. I think maybe it is time to just cut him out of the picture. Let some young guys get some time to see how they do. Maybe grab 1 or 2 in the draft as well.

CB - This may be the first time ever that I don't think we need to draft high for a CB. Taylor, Lewis and Allen are all shut down corners or shut down capable given time. I really like what I saw from Lewis and Allen this year. Not sure we need anymore depth.

S - Get rid of Mundy and keep the other 3. Draft to get younger at either one. Clark is older but Troy is injured more so it doesn't hurt to get 1 at either position or maybe even both.

K - Get a kicker with some leg. I am very happy with Shuisam being perfect on the season from inside 50 (I am saying perfect because the 1 miss wasn't his fault). However, there were 2 games this year that we could have one on long kicks. We need a guy with enough leg to get it there. Shuisam just can't do it. Both kicks were pretty much exactly the same. His top limit his 52. We need a guy 54 and higher.
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