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Default Re: How to Reload - Not Rebuild - This Team

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Anybody who honestly thinks he was truly 100% healthy the last 3 games needs to put down the crack pipe and back slowly away from it.

My version of "healthy" was the first nine games of this season, when he really WAS healthy, and his play reflected it.

If there's anything that the last 6 games have proven is that this team needs to get a viable backup QB in place. Batch/Leftwich ain't getting it.
And what were those first nine games, I guess they were real Ben driven winners even then ???, we LOST to the "easy" pickens'.
This season sucked Offensively, Ben & Co., that we ALL agree on, and if Ben was a 100% during those 9 games, well, it doesn't show it, and NO ONE is talkin' 'bout it.!
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