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Default Re: How to Reload - Not Rebuild - This Team

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Sorry Katana but your hatred of Ben has been obvious for some time and it clouds you opinion of him. All one has to do is read your past posts and they will draw the same conclusions. According to you Ben has not contributed to any of the Steeler success, yet is responsible for most of the shortcomings. For example you will constantly defend the defense even if they play poorly. just like last years playoff game. That was Ben's and the offenses fault, they should of scored more. Or how bout the collapse of 2009 when the defense could not hold a 4th quarter lead even after the offense scored to take the leads late in several games, (remember the GB game where Tomlin basically let them score so we could at least try to score late, he lost complete faith in the defense.) And now Batch is a better QB than Ben and he plays 2 games and has one dismal showing and has one great game, but overall 1TD and 4 INTs, and a QB rating of around 65. I cannot take your points serious since you so obviously spout them with a disdain for the Steeler QB. Now if you want to talk drafting for the future then I will agree but this fodder about benching Ben is crazy.
I didn't say "Bench", I said we need to start looking for a new Starter QB -slowly.
As far as I hate Ben?, that's crazy, I want Ben,..., to WIN for Steelers', who doesn't ?
But that didn't even come close to happening this year at all.

"Drafting For The Future" -Yes, and that DOES include the possibilty of a new QB starter in the mix, once we dump some old cannon-fodder.
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