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Default Re: How to Reload - Not Rebuild - This Team

[QUOTE=Kanata-Steeler;1070921]1st off, thanks for the thread SteelersCan, and Hawaii, ....

But this talk of Ben have a few years left, inevitably Batch and Leftwich are bound to go real soon. Batch, as OLD as he is, played much BETTER than Ben did, all this past season.

Obviously we have the Running aND RECEIVING CORE TO DO IT !, SO, WHAT IS IT then???!!!

There is your quote about Batch. I left the other just to refute your idea that we have the Running game . We rushed for almost 500 yards less this year and as a team almost half a yard less per carry. What about any of that screams out we have the running. I must of missed when the QB was suppose to be blocking on those run plays. Maybe we do need a new QB someone like Vick or Newton who can contribute to the running game.
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