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Default Re: Analyzing the Steelers by position for 2013

Next years starting lineup

QB: Alec Smith and the next Andrew Luck (whoever that may be)
RB: Jerome Bettis Jr. raised in a test tube and now ready to start.
FB: Kuhn
WR: Hines Ward, Plax, and Santonio Holmes. The three OLD amigos replace the YOUNG money crew.
OL: Decastro (hasn't been here long enough to piss anyone off yet) Pouncey, And three guys we pick up in free agency, because free agents are always the answer.
TE: Heath nuff said

LBers: A couple of rookies that will come in and contribute right away, Timmons unless he plays like the year before, and Woodley unless he plays like this year.
DE/NT: Whoever is the flavor of the month in the upcoming draft w Keisel, Hood, and McClendon filling in
DB: Ike and whoever replaces Lewis cause we likely will not resign him cause we won"t match the offers he will get.
Safeties: Clark and Troys backup after his first injury.

Now all this will change if we can just get a new GM from Steelers Fever Forums, then it will be as easy as pie to sign all big names, cut the fat, and still keep us under the cap. And BTW we should be able to return to the playoffs with a great running game and lose the next five years in the AFCCG at home. Oh the good old days.
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