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Default Re: Analyzing the Steelers by position for 2013

I agree with alot what's being said except that we are fine at TE. I think we are okay at TE but would love to bring in a talent. Leonard Pope and David Paulson are just bodies, IMO. We could have a very dynamic attack with another great TE. The RB's will work itself out when Mendenhall gets money elsewhere. Same with the WR position. The T position will depend on Starks and what they think they have in Adams. Would love to see them resign Foster, although his asking price will probably be high based on his performance this year. The guy was an UFA out of college so he will chase the money, and he should but if we can keep him, that would be great. Colon needs to take a pay cut or he will be gone., We could use that money to resign Foster. Woodley is so dissappointing it's unbelievable! Harrison and troy will be asked to take a trim or one may be gone. Not Troy, again IMO. Casey has sadly played his lasts days as a Steeler. Good luck buddy! Still can't believe the season is over...!!!
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