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Default Re: Seriously, Tomlin? Why even play Ben...

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
It's not like we have a young backup QB we need to take a look at.

Ben is cleared to play and the last thing we need is to bench him after he blew 2 consecutive games with horrible interceptions. Do we really want him going into the offseason stewing on that? It could eat away at him all offseason and shake his confidence knowing that he helped cost us a playoff spot.

I'd much rather give him the ball again and give him a chance to redeem himself in the last game of the season against a division rival. Give him a chance to go out on a high note and get his confidence back.
Do you think how we end this game changes next year? Every year is a new beginning... We'll have a few different starters, etc. so it does not matter at all.

A high note? It's the Cleveland Browns... are you for real?

-We have a hurt offensive line that has given him some serious shots of the last few weeks. One that put him out.
-He is holding onto the ball too long, taking even more risk of a big shot
-He is visibly hurt. Did you see the way he was drilling the ball short on almost every throw. He is just off.
-Last week we had a Playoff spot. This week.... Rule #1- Don't get anybody hurt.
-Any kind of major shoulder/knee, etc. and he's out next year. Not worth it either way.
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