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Originally Posted by Cyphon View Post
Agree with this. We have Redman so there is no need to look elsewhere. Our backups behind him are capable enough if he goes down.

Maybe I missed something but where was the personality conflict? I was under the impression Mendenhall was benched because his performance wasn't good and then later because he skipped out on the team. Tomlin handled Mendenhall right. One of the only good things he did this year.

He didn't single him out. He benched all 3 guys that game. The difference is, Mendenhall has a history of fumbling in key spots and put the ball on the ground twice against the Browns. So he got it a little worse than the others. We also shouldn't forget the fact that earlier in the year Dwyer fumbled and Tomlin called him out in front of the team and made Dwyer inactive for a week or 2.

Actually Redman or Dwyer would be the 2 to argue looking the best. Dwyer had back to back 100 yard games and Redman had the biggest single game with 146 yards.

The problem with all of our backs was the rotation and the fact our run blocking was shitty most of the season. If those 2 things are fixed, Redman is our go to guy. He is the best of the 3 we are talking about.

I don't. He carries the ball like an idiot and is on the verge of fumbling almost every time he runs the ball. Worst of all is that he has done it in key spots (playoffs and superbowl).

Stats say you are wrong. Redman and Dwyer have both had big runs to the outside this season. Mendenhall is faster but it doesn't typically make a huge difference because he doesn't break a lot of tackles or make people miss. For all of his speed his agility is subpar and he doesn't run with a lot of heart. On the other hand, Redman and Dwyer fight for every yard and typically fall forward as opposed to backward and they aren't scared to get hit.

Anyway, anyone who has truly paid attention to how our season has went, what the numbers are and our history the past few years, it is clear Mendy isn't the guy.
Mendy may not be the guy; but neither are Redman or Dwyer!! I don't know what you guys see in these 2 guys to think they are feature backs. My opinion; look at free agency and see if you can get Mendy back cheap and hopefully bringing in some competition will spark a fire under the guy!! The other 2; would have a problem getting a job on another team. Maybe the cfl lol
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