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Default Re: Seriously, Tomlin? Why even play Ben...

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Do you think how we end this game changes next year? Every year is a new beginning... We'll have a few different starters, etc. so it does not matter at all.

A high note? It's the Cleveland Browns... are you for real?

-We have a hurt offensive line that has given him some serious shots of the last few weeks. One that put him out.
-He is holding onto the ball too long, taking even more risk of a big shot
-He is visibly hurt. Did you see the way he was drilling the ball short on almost every throw. He is just off.
-Last week we had a Playoff spot. This week.... Rule #1- Don't get anybody hurt.
-Any kind of major shoulder/knee, etc. and he's out next year. Not worth it either way.
All I said is that I would rather Ben be able to go out as a winner and not have his last memory of this season be 2 bad decisions that cost us the playoffs. Benching him now could hurt his confidence and maybe make him disgruntled.

To your points:

- So what's new? He's had a shaky o-line for the majority of his time here and taken more hits (and worse ones) than he has this year. His injury wasn't caused by a devastating hit, it was a fluke. This o-line has played better at times this season than at most points of Ben's tenure here.

- Once again, what's new? This has been a knock on Ben his entire career. I don't see him ever changing this style. He's stubborn and feels like he can make something out of nothing 100% of the time.

- Visibly hurt? I haven't seen him show any signs of being in pain since his return other than the occasional limp after a sack. I haven't seen him favor his shoulder or ribs at all since coming back. The injuries may be bothering him, but to say he is "visibly hurt" is false.

- "This week... Rule #1- Don't get anybody hurt."? Are you for real? That's a rule ANY week genius. A player can get hurt at any time any week. It's not like we need to save anyone for a playoff run. That's the only reason this comment would make any sense whatsoever.

- Same as above. A catastrophic injury can happen at any time and hopefully won't. I see no point in "saving guys for next year" against hypothetical serious injuries that could happen any time.

And, yes, it would be a high note to beat a long time division rival who beat us earlier this year. It's payback time. Did you even watch any of the games this year? I'm guessing no.

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