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has anyone seen this yet? if so, thoughts? i typically dont read any movie reviews until after i see the film and really like it. i thought kill bill and inglorius basterds took kung fu and wwII flicks to a new level and think this does the same for spaghetti westerns. here is my own review i put on my FB-

DJANGO UNCHAINED does not fail to deliver! Its 2 hrs 45 min long (some think that is too long for a movie but i call it bang for your buck). I wont say jamie foxx is as good as denzel in GLORY but pretty close. Christopher Waltz follows up his academy award winning perfermance in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS nicely and very well could be nominated for the best supporting actor award again this year even though he was very much the central character. Leonard DiCaprio is easilly as hatable as Waltz was as Col. Hans Landa in BASTERDS.

This was the epic spaghetti western. Half the movie takes place in Texas set in 1858. The best gunfight scene is just as bloody as Uma's fight with the crazy 88's in KILL BILL, so if you like gratuitous violence, this is right up your alley. Samuel Jackson has an extednded role and is in true form.

This seemed to be a more contemporary Tarantiono film. The plot doesnt jump around as much which is his signature forte, and pretty much flows from point A to B to C. The plot and theme is fairly simple and is not as complex as PULP FICTION, BASTERDS, or KILL BILL .

The story is action packed, and not as drawn out and dependent on the great dialogue of Tarintinos films of the past (despite the near 3 hour film time). If you are sqeamish about n-bombs or the rather realistic portrayal of the slave trade, and tons of killing/exaggerated bloodshed, this film may not be the one for you.

Its funny and witty as well. Great characters. Foxx is the man!
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