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Default Re: Mike Wallace Has Likely Played His Last Game For The Steelers

Originally Posted by jb500ex View Post
you apparently you havent watched holmes. the 2 dropped td's in 09 in games we lost because of it and didnt make the playoffs. his disappearing acts constantly. pulling himslef from punt return duty as a jet when the dolphin punter kept kicking it too far for him and all the bullshit last year. sanchez kicked him out of team meetings because he was such a ass starting shit with his teammates in the final game yeah thats alot of heart and soul. hes a huge piece of shit that will be cleaning windshields in 6 years
Hmmm, let me see your checklist here, since I have seen every Steelers game the last decade:

1. Disappearing acts constantly, pulling himself from punt return duty:

I have no clue what you are talking about. I do not remember him disappearing when it mattered and I have not a clue what you are talking about with the pulling himself from punt duty. I have watched all the games, I would have remember this if it was that bad.

2. Sanchez kicking him out of a meeting:

Are you freakin serious? Is this the same Sanchez we all know? Or is is Sanchez in a Tom Brady suit? I do not think I need to comment further on this.

3. Starting shit with his teammates:

With the Jets? the hell does that have to do with the Steelers? If I had teammates like Fart Scott and Mark Sanchez, I would start shit with them too for sucking ass. I do not remember him having fights or arguments with Hines Ward or Big Ben.

Here is my list:

Super Bowl MVP. Punt Return in the playoffs to steam the momentum SD had when they scored a TD on a long pass to go 7-0. Clutch catch and run in the AFC title game to put the Steelers ahead for good. Game winning TD to finished Bill Cowher's career off on a winning note.


He played his arse off, blocked down field, blocked for the running backs.

I could go on, but I do not have that kind of time.

I think too many people around like to sit up on their high horses and point fingers on peoples lives as if they do not do dumb shit too. Holmes smoked weed, got into scuffles. You are telling me most guys do not do that at some point in their lives?

All I know is, when Sunday came, he balled. And he showed up in the biggest games to boot. So, there you go.
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