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Default Re: Who wants to lose????

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Remember back in '06 when we beat the Bengals in overtime week 17? If we lose that game, not only is Darelle Revis in the bag for us, we have a good chance at snagging Patrick Willis. What does that mean? We won an extra game, but lost Darrelle Revis and Patrick Willis in the process. Great, we beat the Bengals in overtime - that's fantastic. We also lost out on two of the best players at their respective positions for what? For an extra win? A win that didn't mean anything, mind you. A win that at the end of the day, meant absolute shit.

No, we shouldn't win on Sunday. In fact, we should do everything we can to fucking lose that game and lose the dead weight on this defense and start with younger guys. I'm sorry, losing out on elite prospects so we can have 'pride' at the end of the season is bullshit. Winning gets us nowhere, guys. I don't want to lose out on another Darrelle Revis or Patrick Willis because we need pride in our team.

I'll give you this scenario. Right now, we're sitting at the 14th overall pick. Say we win, though. Say we beat Cleveland and this moves us up to 17 or 18 in terms of draft positioning. What if Te'o is still on the board at 14 - a place we could have had him - but he's not there by 18? I'm not losing out on another elite prospect so we can feel warm and fuzzy getting a win that means shit. Sorry, if you don't have pride in the Steelers at the end of the day - losing season or not - what are you doing on these boards?
It doesnt matter, Steelers will be in the teens win or lose. Te'o is projected to go in the top 10.
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