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Default Tomlin and Ben are killing the franchise

Yes, I know, we have won with Tomlin and Ben, a great Super Bowl, so can't knock them for that. These two, when their game is on, can work wonders.

The problem is, when their game is off, they can kill a season. They have killed more seasons than Super Bowls.

Case in point:

1) Ever since he got here, Tomlin insists in playing injured Ben even when he's ineffective. It's like some sort of blind allegiance. Maybe it''s to have an excuse if the game is lost. Who knows. Remember Ben against 49'ers last year? He could hardly walk but he starts. Apparently, Iron Man Ben insists on playing. Result? Season goes downhill. This year, Ben goes South in December.

There are two capable backup qb's on the roster but Tomlin goes with the injured starter regardless, and sticks with him through thick or thin.

2) Why the next man up philosophy does not apply to the QB position?

3) the Offensive game plans are plain offensive. No effective counter strategies or mis-directions based on the opponents strength and what the opponent is doing well in the game.
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