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Default Re: Madden: Ben's at fault, but he's not the only one

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
Injuries and poor efficiency derailed the running game. Our running game was starting to look good - then the O-line started dropping like flies. When your offense does not score, you typically abandon the run because you are playing from behind... this and the injuries is what killed our running game.

Turnovers and poor play from our QB was the dagger to the heart of our offense... that is what happened in the 2nd half and that is exactly what caused our collapse. We all thought and hoped Ben was an older and wiser QB... that he could handle the responsibility of carrying the offense. Ben failed miserably at this ..and when he fell short he started pointing fingers at his coaches rather then step it up. Ben IMO quit... at the very least he failed to grow up and act like the leader he so desperately wants to be. His lack of maturity has been an issue his entire career... this season was no different.

If Ben doesn't believe in coach Haley and his system, then it's not going to work. I think we can all agree Ben basically said "fine, I'll do what ever you want...but It's not my fault when it fails" It was clear from the beginning that Ben was not "all in" and I think it's a part (not all) of the reasons our season was a total failure.
Typical yinzer thinking. Ben doesn't bail out Haley on every 3rd & long after poor play calling, so bash him relentlessly to protect the logo. Please, explain to me how that makes him a bad person?

If one of them is going, it's Ben. We're not to keep switching OC's just because he's a petty immature POS. We're not going to win anything? Guess what? At this current rate, Ben will never sniff another Super Bowl with the Steelers anyway, so it doesn't make a difference anyway. Either he gets on board or he goes.
Yep, dump the QB who has won two super bowl for the OC who has won nothing. Were you one of those dumb yinzers that bashed Terry Bradshaw relentlessly? How'd that work out after he left the team? (I know, don't answer that because it'll make you look even more stupid.)

I know deep down many of you want Ben to be the problem, but he isn't. And I keep explaining that he's not always going to succeed when he mostly has to bail the team out on 3rd down or win it at the end because the Steelers play Marty Ball, but yinz are just incapable of understanding that.
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